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C&C Rental
Charman Photography
Investor Liquidation
The Hub

C&C rentals

  This site was created for my father that owns C&C Rentals in Paris, Tx. I created it using the Foundation framework for the styling along with some of my own styling.
  It is a very simple HTML and and css site that has google maps API and an inventory page with descriptions of the different equipment that is available for rent.

Charman Photography

  My friend, Taylor Charman, loves photography and was interested in having a website. I created it using PHP and MYSQL to make it dynamic. For the styling I used Foundation framework.
  She has the ability to upload photos in a blog format, give them a description, and a tag. You can sort by the tags in collections page. The collections page is also paginated so it only loads ten pictures at a time.

Investor Liquidation

  A client needed to sell three of her houses and instead of trying to go through a realtor she came to me for a website. This website was created using Fullpage.js for the scrolling fullscreen pages, and Skipper.js for the slideshows.

The Hub

  This a side project of mine that I created using node js, you can create an account, log in, message, post to a public wall and comment on it. I used socket.io for real time updates and notifications, the mongoose npm package for data organization, and mongodb for data storage on a seperate server.

About Me

My name is Colton Clemmer, I am a web developer based in Paris, TX. I specialize in nodejs, sockets, and mongodb, CSS3, and HTML5. I also have skills in PHP and MYSQL. I do everything from private websites to complex web apps. If you need or would be interested in a website or app please email me at coltonclemmerdev@gmail.com or visit the contact page.

Phone: 903-249-7428
Email: coltonclemmerdev@gmail.com
Twitter: @orbweaverdev
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8/15/2014 12:30 A.M.
Don't worry everyone I have responsive design working for everything except mobile -_-

Finally got the site up, I hope you enjoy it :)